ds106: Bucket List

Bucket List


So… Everyone should have a bucket list. What’s on yours? For this assignment you should create a collage with AT LEAST four pictures of four different things you have on your bucket list. Add text to your picture of what or where it is. Then briefly tell us why it is on your bucket list. A good site to use for creating your collage would be Be Funky.

BeFunky Collage

Visit All 50 States: It is my dream to travel.

Design My Dream Home: I hope to one day have money to design and build by dream home.

Go On A Spontaneous Adventure: How fun would this be with friends.

Give A Shelter Pet A Home: I want a dog so bad. I would love to give a shelter pet a home.


ds106: A Haiku Poem About A Haiku Poem

A Haiku Poem About A Haiku Poem


For this Writing Assignment, you’re asked to write a haiku poem about haiku poems. You can write about what people normally write in a haiku poem, how a haiku poem is formed, and/or how you feel about writing haiku poems. This assignment might sound tricky, but I know you can do it!

 some haikus are fun
 some haikus make no sense
haikus about love
and haikus about nature
seasons and feelings

ds106: That Bucket List Though

That Bucket List Though

Have you ever made a mental list of things you wanted to do or try or jokingly said “That’s going on my bucket list!” Well, now is the time to stop messing around and actually make a bucket list. Write down a list of at least five things that you want to do or try, but do not stop there! Give the world a reason why those things are on your list regardless of how crazy or lame it may be.

Here is my bucket list for the rest of college and right after:

(It is realistic…I hope)

  1. Travel Somewhere Sweet for Spring Break
  2. Graduate From College ( Soon I Hope)
  3. Find A Job Somewhere I Love
  4. Have A Sweet Kitchen In My Own House
  5. Make Life Long Friends and Be In All Their Weddings

Marry Me? -Slice of Life

Did you know 795 million people, that is one in every nine people, do not have enough to eat. Poor nutrition causes over 8,500 deaths of children per day. This is something that was brought to my attention this week at an event on Chadron State College’s campus. With all the controversy happening around the world in the last week, including the bombings in Paris, my eyes have really been opened.  These events have caused my best friend, Sarah, to reconsider her idea of joining the Peace Corps. Here is the conversation we had over coffee today.

Sarah: “Let’s just get married so we can join the Peace Corps and be together.”

Me: “Why do we have to get married?”

Sarah: “They don’t let single people go together. So, we have to get married.”

Me: “They don’t?”

Sarah: “No. So, will you marry me? You are the only person I want to go with me. And the only person at this point in my life I would consider marrying.”

Sarah and I are not getting married. I cannot marry my best friend but she opened my eyes to the idea of joining the Peace Corps and/or helping others. Sarah is very passionate about helping others and it is something that I strive to do. There is so much I can do for those who are less fortunate than me. I have food to eat at each meal although I complain about being a poor college student I have more than most. I take for granted what I have. There are people who live with so much less. There are children that never get a chance to get an education. There are young children who don’t get enough to each day. In the county I live in over 20% of the population is in poverty. There is so much I could do to help those around me. The lesson I learned today is that it is important to look outside my little life box and see what is happening in the world around me. I think this is something that we all should do. 11454297503_e27946e4ff_h

Search For The Missing Teeth: SOL

It was the day before Halloween and in quiet the hurry they ran around town in a mad fury. Looking for the package that was supposed to be delivered in time for Halloween fun. The package arrived but not on their step instead on the step of another on the street called Maple. They knocked on door one only to be told the package wasn’t there. They knocked on door after door and still know one knew about the package they needed for the special spooky day. After what seemed like a hundred I don’t knows they were about to give up. They came to the last door on the block and knocked knocked knocked. There it was the lady handed it to the girls. They jumped up and down and celebrated but maybe too soon. They opened the box and found inside only one pair of vampire fangs. They just couldn’t win.

Building a Community Within The Classroom

What is a classroom community look like? How do you create a community within your own classroom?

These were the questions that my group came up with last Tuesday. From these questions branched many others; too many for us to answer. We worked together and came up with what we thought a classroom community was, before going online and researching. What we decided was that a classroom community is somewhere you feel safe and free to share your ideas. You have no fear that you will be ridiculed at that it is okay to mess up. We also decided that student relationships with each other and the teacher make a big difference. As a group we decided that we could use a lot of what we had learned from our classmates in the previous presentation to create a community of learners.

We split up the work between the four of us. Ali took cooperative learning and researched how it could help develop a classroom community. Brandon researched how connected learning could help develop a community in the classroom. Taylor researched how Project Based Learning could help create a community. My portion of the project was to determine what a community in the classroom would look like and how to achieve this in the classroom. I also looked up how to build and foster relationships between a teacher and students.

What is a community within the classroom look like? 

What Does a Classroom Community Look Like?

A community is an environment in which students feel secure, nurtured, and supported. When developing a classroom community it is important to be accepting of your students backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints. Students who feel a sense of identity within a group are the most well adjusted and successful in school. Studies tell us that some of the most important skills children need for school readiness and success are “people skills” of social interaction, communication, collaboration, and problem solving.

Here are a few suggestions on how to build a community:

Building Community Through Identity: Let the student’s get to know each other and you through different activities in order for relationships to develop.

Building Community Through Familiarity: Allude to things from previous years to help the students feel at home in your classroom. In an Elementary classroom you can simply bring in books from the previous year at the beginning of the school year.

Building Community Through Warmth and Beauty: Make your classroom inviting, not just white walls.

Building Community Through Trust: Let your students know that you are there to listen to them, use eye contact.

Building Community Through Predictability: Establish routines. This helps your students feel confident and comfortable about what is coming next.

Welcome to my classroom

How do we build and foster relationships with students? 

“It is our responsibility to get to know our students at different levels, not only academically, but personally and socially as well. You may have the content knowledge, but if you don’t build the rapport with students, you won’t get anywhere,” Eloy Gonzales said.

Asking students about them makes them realize that you as their teacher actually cares about them as a person. This allows students to feel a part of the community.


The following are a list of different projects to help create a classroom. (You can get definitions and instructions for these projects at http://www.edutopia.org/blog/fostering-classroom-relationships-larry-ferlazzo-katie-hull-sypnieski )

-Sharing Weekly Reflections

-Introducing Me/ 3 Objects

-“I Am” Project

-“Find Someone in this Class Who…” Scavenger Hunt

Our questions can lead into questions about existing cliques, opposing students, and classroom management (how it can be used as a management style).

Scare Away Cancer Week

Scare Away Cancer week is off to a Boo-ming start.

On Monday, Xi Delta Zeta (a local sorority at CSC) had a booth set up in the student center. We gave out information and ribbons to raise awareness for ovarian and cervical cancer. Over 21,000 people were diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2015.

Today and every other day this week we will have a booth set up to help inform our student body of the many cancers that effect thousands of people every year.

Today we are raising awareness for Prostate Cancer. Tonight we are also hosting a movie night. We will be playing Hocus Pocus and The Fault in Our Stars. On Wednesday we will be handing out ribbons for lung cancer. Orange ribbons will be handed out on Thursday to promote awareness for Leukemia and kidney cancer. Thursday night, Xi Delta Zeta will be hosting Where’s Casper? (a scavenger hunt around campus). Awareness will be raised for brain cancer on Friday. Before the Pink Out football game the sorority will be doing face paint and asking for free will donations to go to Make A Wish Foundation. We will also be handing out pink ribbons to promote awareness for breast cancer awareness.
Scare Away Cancer Week

Planning for this week has really opened my eyes up to how many people are effected by so many types of cancer. I am glad that Xi Delta Zeta has a chance to raise awareness for a few cancers and raise money for a great cause.


If you feel like making an individual donation to Make-A-Wish here is the website:



Six Word Memior

I have been writing at least one six word story weekly that relates to my life, here is what I came up with:

Lots can happen in a year. (This one ended up turning into a poem that I will post in another blog, another day.)

He made her feel reckless- alive!

Hot twin doctors; let’s be sisters-in-law?

She didn’t hear from him…hi?

I hate that I like you.

he wants freedom so does she

her life: a kaleidoscope: messy, beautiful




Today I spent way too much time watching a zombie TV show on Netflix, iZombie. My roommate and I finished the whole season and then started watching the the second season on Hulu (we have a problem). The genre is probably appropriate due to the season (Halloween being just around the corner) but the actual amount (13 episodes) is probably not normal. The fact that my roommate and I are so obsessed with the albino-like zombies is rather abnormal, as well. Don’t start watching the show it is as addicting as the brains they crave. My friend Adam said the show is like Twilight for hipsters… zombies the newer, cooler vampires. Perhaps my Netflix addiction is merely an effect of midterm week. I am in desperate need of a break. I am starting to feel like the walking dead.

This was my very dead, uneventful day of mindless behavior…oh my…I think I may be a zombie.