Road Trip Summer 2016 will not be happening in the Summer of 2016. At the end of November, Morgan and I decided that it was not feasible for us to travel this summer. She has an internship and so does Sarah. I will be in Kentucky for a month. There is just not enough time for us to take the trip we wanted to. We plan to push it back to the next year. This will give us more time to plan. It is taking us a really long time to figure out what we are going to do exactly. Waiting until the Summer of 2017 will also give us more time to save money so that we can do more on our trip.

All in all my ILP showed me that it takes a lot of work to plan a short trip and it is even harder to try and plan a trip for three weeks. While working on my ILP I found a lot of good information. I used Roadtrippers a lot to plan out each individual place we were stopping and the whole trip. I highly recommend this app for even short trips.