There are a lot of apps you can get on your phone for road trips. Listed below are the 5 that I think will be most helpful for me on my road trip.

  1. Along The Way: This app gives you restaurants, landmarks, malls, and bars along the route you are currently on. It helps take away the lost driving around in city. 

    along the way

  2. Spotify: This is a great music app (I already have it on my phone). I currently pay for premium so that I can skipas many times as I want. This app is great because you make make your own playlists, follow others, and listen to the radio without using your data. spotify

  3. Gasbuddy: This app helps you find the cheapest gas near you! I am all for saving $$$MONEY$$$


  4. Roadtripers: I have already shared this app in a blog before. I did not know that it was also an app for phones so…I had to share it again. You can map your whole trip using this app. roadtripers

  5. Waze: This is a map app that shows you the quickest route and alternative routes through towns and cities. wayz