Who you take with you on a road trip is very important. You want to make sure that you can handle being together for long stressful hours of driving and also that you will have fun when you reach your destinations.

The people I am taking on my trip are Morgan Carrico and Sarah Townsend.

Morgan Carrico and I have been friends for over two years. We are also roommates which can be very stressful on our friendship. The fact that we are still friends after living under the same roof makes me believe that we will be great road trip partners. Morgan and I both have the wanderlust bug, we love the idea of traveling the world. We have very similar ideas of what we find fun as well. It was easy to decide where we want to stay (including camping destinations) and what places we wanted to visit.


Sarah Townsend is my best friend. We have so much in common it is scary. Sarah and I have never met a challenge in our friendship that we could not get over. No boys or stupid situation could come between us. That is why I believe that Sarah is a perfect travel partner for me. She also loves driving…so I am not going to pass that up. We have fun no matter what we are doing and find the same things enjoyable. We also have the same music taste so that is another thing we won’t have to worry about.


I am so happy I have friends with the same passion for traveling and adventure as me. Can’t wait to get on the road with them.