I did not get to attend NCTE with my classmates this year due to a previous engagement but I can tell you that the article about NCTE not staying at NCTE is true. I have heard a lot from my classmates about their experiences, the people they met, and the things they learned. I have heard a lot about this “Indian Jesus” guy that sounds really interesting.



Above is a quote said by Tim Federle at NCTE this year. I really like this quote. It really made me think that the world is very diverse. If our world is so diverse why are our classrooms not. Are we not supposed to be teaching to prepare our students for the real world. How are we benefiting out students if we are sheltering them and keeping them in a small box. We need to allow our students to think outside of the box. They need to be exposed to more in school so that they are prepared for what is out in the ‘real’ world.


This is another very thought provoking quote from NCTE this year by Erin Stead. Classrooms that feel safe encourage a strong learning environment. Students feel more comfortable opening up allowing teacher to get to know them better. The more we know the students the more we can direct our lessons to them and the better they will learn.

There are so many great quotes from NCTE that lead to great points about the classroom.