“It’s the relationships we build with students that matter more than structure,” said Katherine Sokolowski. I believe this is very important. Learning in a caring environment allows you to reach your students at a new level. Students will be more willing to open up with you if they like you, allowing you to be a better teacher because you know them, personal. If you are the teacher that is feared students will not enjoy learning and it will be a constant struggle. In the article “Celebrating a Beautiful Mess” I took away a lot from the classroom management system ¬†Practicing What I Preach.” The teacher is a model of the reader and writer that they want their students to be. I also love lists! The article “How to Be a Teacher for More Than 5 Years Without Killing Yourself Or Others” was a great article for me. The key points that I took away from this article were you are more than a teacher, set boundaries and keep them, you will never be finished with your class, and take care of yourself. These are things that I am going to have to remind myself later in the classroom. When there is a task in front of me I tend to throw myself into it fully forgetting about all my other obligations. These are the things that stuck out to me most.

It will take a while to become the teacher I want to be. It will be a struggle to balance everything that I have on my plate. With tips from current teachers and learning who I want to be on my own I think it will be a great challenging journey that I can’t wait to begin .