Love at First Shot


Take/Find a picture of a couple who are obviously in love. Use the picture to tell a story. Give the story some background and maybe even create a dialogue between the two or tell the story from each point of view. Just give it some detail and create a background to your photo! It can be a true story or a completely made up one, just have fun with it!


Molly and Matt

Have you ever met someone and thought ‘they are the one…my person?’ Was it love at first sight? Did you follow head over heels for them? That isn’t how it was for me. When I first saw Molly her brown hair was uncontrollably curly, her left front tooth was missing, and her knees both were scrapped up. My mother told me, “My friend Stacy is moving to town. Her daughter, Molly will be in your class be nice to her.” So I tried. When Miss Clark introduced Molly to the whole 3rd grade class I thought maybe I can be friends with this girl. She wasn’t like Amy S. who always wore pink and didn’t like to play in dirt. She wasn’t like Amy K. either who thought it was gross when I burped at the lunch table. Molly was a daredevil; she would never turn down a challenge. She was constantly in trouble for playing pranks. She had a pet frog named Herman. Everyone wanted to be her best friend, well except the Amys. My best friends Levi and Hunter became some of Molly’s best friends. She didn’t want to be my friend though. As the years went on Molly continued to ignore me. In junior high she became a know-it-all. She always argued with me about the stupidest things. “The Broncos suck,” she said one day when our moms were gossiping in the living room about the neighbors. “They have the best quarterback,” I would argue back. She was a Chiefs fan…gross. I think it is only because she moved from Kansas City. The summer before junior year Molly went to visit her dad. She came back…different. Her hair wasn’t so frizzy…she was kind of pretty. I would never tell anyone that though. I pretended she really annoyed me but the things I used to hate weren’t that bad. She still drove me crazy but I found more and more things I liked about her. I liked that she stood up for herself, she didn’t follow the crowd, and she loved sports. I wasn’t sure if she saw things in me that I saw in her. I started hanging around her more and more. I helped her mom hang Christmas lights on the house. Molly was different at home. She was less intense; she danced around her living room by the big windows. Molly started opening up to me, telling me things that no one else knew. My friends told me I was being put in the friend zone but that was enough for me. I remained just Molly’s friend until Senior Prom when her date ditched. She was crying on her steps, something I had not seen often. She called me to tell me she wasn’t coming to prom. I told her I would be over soon. Molly had changed out of the dress she had been gushing over for months. She had makeup running down her face, her curly hair in a ponytail and Nike sweats and a Chiefs t-shirt on but to me she was still beautiful. I walked up to her and put out my hand, “Can I have this dance Miss Molly?” She laughed, “Yes Mathew you can.” She put her hand in mine. We danced in the windows. She laughed. I couldn’t stop smiling. She looked at me and said, “Matt. I remember you in Miss Clark’s with your crooked teeth and funny haircut. I wanted to impress you so much I never turned down a dare in front of you. You were nice not like Hunter. You were funny not like Levi. I thought you didn’t like me so I didn’t pay attention to you anymore. Matt it made me laugh when you argued with me about sports. I couldn’t believe how much you changed…in a good way…the summer I stayed with my dad. I am so glad we became so close these last few years. You are my best friend. I love you.”